About Us


Advanced Printing Inc. was founded by Debra Lewin in March  2008. Deb comes from a background of  over twenty years of experience in the printing business. She started the business with customers in  Cheyenne, Wyoming and eventually grew to throughout the state of Wyoming and  into parts of Colorado. Major reasons to  opening up her own business was to better serve customers and to create a  better life for herself, her two sons, Chad and Tyler Lewin and their families.

Deb had that type of personality that made her customer  relationships into long-lasting friendships.  She knew how to successfully run her business and place her customers in  a comfortable spot to help with ensuring the success of their customers. Unexpectedly, Deb passed away in December of  2012 and it was her strong willingness that she instilled in her son, Tyler, to  take over and continue her passion.

Tyler Lewin officially took control of the business on  January 1, 2013. His goals are to  continuing helping customers, growing with the business, and carrying on the  family tradition. He will continue and  create new comfortable feelings with customers enjoyed by with Deb. Eventually, Tyler’s newborn daughter, Piper  will follow in her grandmother’s and father’s footsteps.